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Cracked Concrete Wall

West Investigations

Catching the Carling Lake Killer

Book 6 in the West Investigations Series

Catching the Carling Lake Killer.jpg

She’s kept her secret for years…
But now a killer knows.

Journalist Simone Jarrett and Carling Lake sheriff Lance Webb have kept their casual affair clandestine to avoid gossip. But as his feelings for Simone deepen, Lance is troubled by the knowledge that she’s hiding something. Then, after twenty years, the Card Killer strikes again. And Simone’s secret puts her in the killer’s sights. Now the two must team up to find the murderer…and save Simone’s life.

Dark Water Disappearance

Book 5 in the West Investigations Series

Dark Water Disappearance.jpg

There was no quiet homecoming for Nikki King. Not with a body discovered on her lakefront property and Terrence Sutton’s unexpected arrival. The police detective is convinced his sister’s disappearance and the threats Nikki has been receiving are connected. Nikki would rather avoid the man who once let a family feud tear them apart, but can she afford to refuse his protection? Not with danger lurking in the dark water just beyond her doorstep.

Shielding Her Son

Book 4 in the West Investigations Series

9781335582089 (1).jpg

Erika Powell has lived in hiding for years to protect her son from his wealthy, tyrannical grandfather. Wary of strangers, she’s suspicious of James West, who’s renting a neighboring cabin, despite their sizzling chemistry.


But when attempts are made on Erika’s life, James fears he may have endangered her—because the undercover PI’s investigation of Erika may have led someone dangerous right to her.

Festive Mayhem
Book 2
Pursuit of the Truth

Christmas Data Breach

Book 3 in the West Investigations Series


Security specialist Gideon Wright knows Mya Rochon’s cancer research is groundbreaking.


But when an arsonist destroys his ex-wife’s lab and puts her at risk, he discovers it’s dangerous, too.


With Gideon’s protection, Mya’s determined to finish her project—no matter the risk to her life…or Gideon's heart. But will their rekindled partnership face its most deadly adversary yet?

Missing at Christmas

Book 2 in the West Investigations Series


Private investigator Shawn West is stunned when the attack victim he rescues is Addy Williams—the one woman he never forgot.


She’s turning a quiet upstate New York town inside out to bring her missing sister home by Christmas.

Shawn offers to help if she'll provide a cover for his own investigation into a suspicious company in town, but can they work together to find Addy's sister…or are they already too late?

Pursuit of the Truth

Book 1 in the West Investigations Series


Security expert Ryan West’s worst fears come to life when hotel CEO Nadia Shelton is pushed in front of a taxi and nearly killed.


Someone will do whatever it takes to find the brother Nadia thought was dead, and the only way Ryan can protect her as they uncover the truth is to stay strictly professional.


But the sparks igniting between them are nearly impossible to ignore.

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